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Its not about the money, but the Music! 


Future Black Insperations - September 1, 2015

Press release for immediate release

JJB Music Re release F.B.I. “Future Black Inspirations”


In 1975 Stephen Duhart spent his youthful hot summer days swimming at January Wabash park, and on humid Tuesday nights taking his dreaded piano lesions, both locations, Ferguson Mo.

In 1995 it marked the 30th anniversary of the 1965 Watts riots. Stephen and fellow writer Arthur Howard Kirsky III “AHK III” started working on a short summery entitled “The Future Black inspirations”

Now being 2015 and 50 years after the Watts explosion and one year after the Ferguson detonation, it has been a cohesive decision

To Re Release this effective narration documenting a time when it was, where we have come. And what it is!

Thelma Wind

Director of A&R JJB Music Inc.


The Future black inspirations

Written by Stephen R. Duhart and Arthur Howard kirskey III

Recorded & Mixed by Ser-Robert July 1995 at Sherman way studios Van Nuys California.

Add ional narration by Dr. Sherylann Wade

Digitally mastered by Stephen R.Duhart For Re Release September 2015 at JJB Music Sound recorders LCS. STL.

Carnival Towm Remake - August 25, 2014

From the B Sides of Grief, Quarrels, Love…

Come this rare Nora Jones remake by Stephen R. Duhart “Carnival Town”

I’ve always loved to sing along with this beautiful song while out on the road, really going nowhere.

Nora Jones touch and compassion for this song is unmatched and should not be replicated, but I guess Duhart couldn’t help himself.

Mid Life Pisces 10 Year Anniversary - April 21, 2014


Stephen R. Duhart 10 Year Anniversary Solo Release “Mid Life Pisces”

Join Dj Godzilla as he plays various selections from Mid Life Pisces and other Stephen R. Duhart

Solo releases. Also but not limited too, selections from Stephen’s latest release “Grief… Quarrels… Love

Released March 14th, 2014

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