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Future Black Insperations - September 1, 2015

Press release for immediate release

JJB Music Re release F.B.I. “Future Black Inspirations”


In 1975 Stephen Duhart spent his youthful hot summer days swimming at January Wabash park, and on humid Tuesday nights taking his dreaded piano lesions, both locations, Ferguson Mo.

In 1995 it marked the 30th anniversary of the 1965 Watts riots. Stephen and fellow writer Arthur Howard Kirsky III “AHK III” started working on a short summery entitled “The Future Black inspirations”

Now being 2015 and 50 years after the Watts explosion and one year after the Ferguson detonation, it has been a cohesive decision

To Re Release this effective narration documenting a time when it was, where we have come. And what it is!

Thelma Wind

Director of A&R JJB Music Inc.


The Future black inspirations

Written by Stephen R. Duhart and Arthur Howard kirskey III

Recorded & Mixed by Ser-Robert July 1995 at Sherman way studios Van Nuys California.

Add ional narration by Dr. Sherylann Wade

Digitally mastered by Stephen R.Duhart For Re Release September 2015 at JJB Music Sound recorders LCS. STL.

Carnival Towm Remake - August 25, 2014

From the B Sides of Grief, Quarrels, Love…

Come this rare Nora Jones remake by Stephen R. Duhart “Carnival Town”

I’ve always loved to sing along with this beautiful song while out on the road, really going nowhere.

Nora Jones touch and compassion for this song is unmatched and should not be replicated, but I guess Duhart couldn’t help himself.

Mid Life Pisces 10 Year Anniversary - April 21, 2014


Stephen R. Duhart 10 Year Anniversary Solo Release “Mid Life Pisces”

Join Dj Godzilla as he plays various selections from Mid Life Pisces and other Stephen R. Duhart

Solo releases. Also but not limited too, selections from Stephen’s latest release “Grief… Quarrels… Love

Released March 14th, 2014

Dr King 50th March on Washington - August 27, 2013

Press release for Immediate release

JJB Music is Re releasing as a free Download the Single “The Lorraine Motel” from there 2009 CD ”Love with Proper Stranger By Stephen R. Duhart. This free Re release is to coincided with the commemorate 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington on Wednesday August 28th, 2013

The JJB Music’s single, “ The Lorraine Motel” is the brain child from Stephen R. Duhart in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The LorraneMotel is the motel that Dr. King was assonated at April 4th 1968

The 2009 JJB Music release “Love with a proper stranger” CD title was borrowed By Mr. Duhart after seeing this 1963 Feature film “Love with a perfect stranger” for the first time starring Natalie wood & Steve McQueen from 1963.

For copyright infringements due to be a bound, Mr. Duhart re titled the CD appropriately “Love with a proper Stranger”

There are four songs on the twelve song CD that are dedicated to Dr. King and the “I have a Dream Movement’ song 01. “A Time for change”

song # 03. Room 306” Song # 07 “the Lorraine Motel” & song # 08. “What Manner of Man”

During the recording of “Love With a proper stranger” Stephen wrote and directed a film shot entitled appropriately “ the Lorraine Motel” which went out with the initial Press kits in August 2009.

For a limited time ending September 15th, 2013 which is the birthday of the late Great Bill Evans, if you wish to receive a free DVD copy of the film short “The Lorraine Motel” please send a self addressed postcard


Stephen R. Duhart - Drums, percussion, Tarus pedals, concert cymbals, triangle & Choir voices

Kay Ta Matsuno - Classical Guitar

Hollywood - Keys

Recorded at Studio T.I.P. Santa Monica Ca, July - August 2008 by

Ser -Robert

Mixed & mastered by Ser - Robert @ 5.6MHZ utilizing DDQ Labs ( Duhart Digital Quality) TM -

DVD Authoring by Steie Marie


TO: JJB Music Inc. HQ

1912 Broadway Suite # 105

Santa Monica California, 90404

The postage is on us while supplies last.

The Lorraine Motel song credits

Inside Remix ( Genius is...) - April 24, 2013


Inside first mix outtake” Lyrics Steve Rubin - Music by Steve Rubin & Stephen R. Duhart

this recording is a rare glimpses into the early production stage from the first song recorded for the acclaimed JJB music 2006 Album release from Timothy Anderson entitled “Genius is…”

In reproduction ,long before, organ, strings, bass, tympani’s & saxophone where added, will give you the stripped bare essentials to what made this song a classic among JJB Music’s fan base. Enjoy the look and sound behind the curtain before producer Stephen R. Duhart added the fluff and frills of a finished polished JJB Music recording . Download for free while supplies last.

Timothy Anderson Lead & Backing Vocals, Saxophone

The Music world has lost a legend - March 27, 2013



The Music world has lost a legend.

 Nate Fitzgerald has played with all of the great legends from Motown and R & B, on Sax.

A great friend of JJB Music and a mentor to Stephen R. Duhart he will be truly Missed.

He was best friends with Grover Washington before he passed away.  

 Nate had some amazing stories about the day  Martin Luther King was assassinated he was staying in the same hotel a few doors down. He was on tour with the Mighty Clouds of Joy and was switching to go on tour with the Staple Singers the next day. He said that the whole week the atmosphere was just charged with restlessness. . He said it was an eerie disturbing week. The morning he came back from his room after doing a set with the band , Martin Luther King had been shot just a few doors down from him. This is just a glimpse of his discography


 Grover Washington Jr.

 Gladys Knight
Roy Ayers
The Temptations
Bobby Blue Bland
Albert King
Al Green
Etta James
Clyde Chatter
Millie Jackson
The Marvelettes
Freddie Hubbard
Chaka Khan
The Main Ingredient
The OJays
Esther Phillips
B.B. King
Big Joe Turner
Johnny Taylor
Edwin Starr
The Staple Singers
Clifton Chenier
Dionne Warwick
Arthur Prysock
The Four Tops
Norman Hedman
Jimmy Reid
James Cotton
John Lee Hooker

 Jackie Wilson
Buddy Guy
Martha Vandella

 Jimmy Smith

 The Staple Singers
Norman Hedman


Nate Absolutely Fitzgerald


01/05/1943 -03/22/2013















Stephen R. Duhart new solo Titled Grief, Quarrels & Love was put on indefinite hold. - March 19, 2013

Stephen R. Duhart new solo Titled Grief, Quarrels & Love was put on indefinite hold.

Mr. Duhart was pressed further about a new release date?, and why JJB Music, “Stephen R. Duhart’s record Label” was holding up the project he was quoted as saying”Hey, Its Grief, Quarrels & Love!”

Stay tuned for more.

There are 4 unreleased songs from the new album on the JJB Music Inc Ten year Anniversary pod cast! We suggest you download it down before Mr. Duhart pull the old Prince snatch a Garb!

JJB Music Inc. Marks Ten Years in the making Music - September 25, 2012




Press release for automatic release

October 2012 will mark the Ten year Anniversary for JJB Music Inc. in Santa Monica California USA

JJB Music will be celebrating this monumental achievement by discounting there complete recording catalog by 50%! All single, and digital album downloads 50% off, all retail ready JJB Music product 50% off!

For more information go to and download the free JJB Music Inc pod cast one hour with Dj Godzilla for more information. Congratulations all around!

Stephen R. Duhart working on new Double Album - September 25, 2012

Stephen R. Duhart is deep in the Lab once again for a March 2013 release entitled “Grief, Quarrels and Love”

This will be Stephens sixth solo release. Love with a proper Stranger” was his last JJB Music release to rave reviews back in 2008. We look forward and anticipate another stellar recording. To hear the first two new single before they are released. Go to pod cast and downloads and download there ten yeathe JJB music's ten year anniversary Pod cast. Get it while its hot and supplies last!

JJB Music - Ser Robert Muzak ASCAP 2012

Maryland Girl / JJB Music drops new release - January 24, 2011

JJB Music is releasing the new single by Dj Godzilla Maryland. Get  a free download while supplies last.

Question is, who is the Maryland Girl?

New Product from DDQ Labs - January 14, 2011

Brennan’s Zino Platinum Cigar Club presents

Red One

Designed by DDQ Laboratories Stephen R. Duhart

Red one is a custom built, hand painted Turntable designed by DDQ Labs. Combining the elements from three great audio designers. Table, platter, DC servo motor & S shaped lead tackled tone arm from Kenwood. Head shell from Technics, and Cartridge and stylus from Shure. This Brennan red chaise not only looks unbelievable, But sounds unbelievably fantastic!

Cartridge loading handled by a early 1980’s Pioneer phono preamp. Amplification by Yamaha, speakers by Polk audio, interconnects and speaker connections designed by DDQ labs own solid core copper telephono cabling.

Gone are the days of Zero’s and one’s (Digital) and hello human element (Analog) simply put, fractions rule! But don’t just take our word for it, you decide. Red one is acoustically balanced, tailored made for your listening pleasure. Select a side and enjoy the ride!.


DDQ Laboratories is a registered trademark owned and operated by JJB music Inc.”

Kamikaze Kisses Re-Mix - June 14, 2010

Kamikaze Kisses Re-mix Remake from Captain February productions

Captain February has created another monster with this hot remake from Dj Godzilla’s solo album

“Monsters have feelings too” check out this banging flip side creature from another mother!

Ollie Woodson passes on at 58 - May 31, 2010

Heaven Remix! - May 26, 2010

JJB Music is proud to release a unauthorized version of the hit song “Heaven” check it out and drop it before we are asked to stop the court ordered spins!

JJB music Inc. Pod cast #14 (Dena Luv) - May 26, 2010

Come one, come all as Dj Godzilla takes us threw another wonderful journey of Love, Life & Music!

pod cast #14 is a rare release from Dena Luv’s 2nd L.P. Due out July 7th 2010! “The real Spice of Life” Never ever has JJB Music or Dj Godzilla droped a fresh new joint before its actual release date! Also selections from Ben Monroe’s hot band Physical Therapy, and a couple of rare unreleased Jams from the JJB music vault.

Download yours while supplies last!

Dena Luv’s long awaited sophomore album “Spice of Life” do out August 2010 - May 6, 2010

After Dena Luv’s first solo album “Somewhere beyond the twilight” released in 2005 received critical acclaim and won Best Jazz Band at the 2006 BMA awards in 2006. JJB Music is proud to announce the release of there 2nd album “The real Spice of Life” due out July 7th,  2010. The first single “Joy and pain” is available as a free download at download yours today while supplies last.

JJB music presents Pod cast # 13 with Dj Godzilla - March 25, 2010

JJB music presents Pod cast # 13 with Dj Godzilla

Join Dj Godzilla on the mic as he blows threw the latest and greatest hits.

Selections from the new Dj Godzilla Album “monsters have feelings too”

Also so selections from “Love with a proper stranger” & “Balance your Chi Viol 3”

Plus many, many more . Download yours today while supplies last.

Dj Godzilla Debute Album update - January 28, 2010

This recording has been a long and tedious one for JJB Music’s chief engineer Ser-Robert,

“ I’ve done a lot of records for the JJB team but this one takes the cake!”

Asked why the long drawn out process on this particular project?

“well we here at JJB Music have always been committed to excellence and this recording is no exception.

But since this is Dj Godzilla debut LP the quality control has been on high alert!”

Understanding all this takes a visit to the JJB music sound recorders studio In St. Louis Mo.

There I find Ser-Robert, Dj Godzilla and up and coming artist DubL R. re cutting vocal tracks on a track entitled“ You know you got it bad”.

Dj Godzilla says, “ after we mixed the first version the artist DubL R felt he could do a better job on two of the three raps he is contributing to this monstrous project, so they went back in and cut Two of them.

the before mentioned, “Stereo Booty” and “Kamikaze kiss” which also features Stephanie Thomas on lead Vocals…

I asked Ser-Robert would this push back the March release date and his reply was “ who are you and what company do you work for?” as security had me ushered from the facility.

Guess that means NO.

Thelma Wind

JJB Music Inc.

JJB Music expands into Hip Hop Pod Cast - January 11, 2010

JJB Music expands into the Hip Hop pod casting arena with dubL R and Xclusv of Rareity Radio! The vibes from the Rareity Lab come alive as Xclusv gets down to biz with writer and founder of Rare Mediam, dubL R. This RAREITY comes fresh out of St. Louis,Missouri with a raw new sound!

DDQ Labs - November 18, 2009

This story should be filed under the heading "sometimes you have to trip over something to find it." I have an office in Santa Monica, California. For years, I have listened to music while I work on my wife's old, beat-up, small, plastic, and broken down boom-box. It was okay, but the quality of the sound is not that good. Like many people, I have computers in my office. One of them is hooked up to some pretty good speakers. One day, about two or three months ago, it occurred to me that I could play my CDs in the computer with the good speakers. So, I placed a CD in my computer, and whoosh the Windows Real Media Player program opened up and asked me if I wanted to "rip" the CD onto my computer? "Of course," I thought, "why didn't I think of this before!" So, over the last month or so, I have been slowly, methodically, "ripping" my entire CD collection onto my computer. Ok, so why am I telling you this? Well, it turns out that Real Media Player has a "shuffle" feature that randomly selects tracks from your "Library."

So, one day I hit the "shuffle" feature and go back to work. Now, a large part of my CD collection consists of music from the JJB Music, Inc. catalogue, featuring artists like Ser-Robert, Ronnie, Tim Anderson, and many others. I have known the Officer-in-charge-of-daily-operations for JJB Music, Inc., Stephen R. Duhart, for many years. And for years, I have listened to Mr. Duhart talk excitedly about the superior sound quality, production techniques, and related audio "superiority" of JJB Music, Inc.'s catalogue utilizing DDQ technologies TM. Over the years as I listened to music from the JJB Music, Inc. catalogue, I grew to appreciate the superior audio quality and production. But here's the thing. That day in my office, by virtue of having my computer randomly select tracks using the Real Media Player program "shuffle" feature, I started to hear the JJB tracks against everything else (including music from the biggest names in the business). The contrast was startling.

Without fail, the superior sound quality and production of the JJB tracks stood out like the proverbial "sore-thumb." Without planning it, the "shuffle" feature was slowly providing a compare-contrast of JJB Music, Inc.'s catalogue with every other CD I owned. Since I was working, it slowly dawned on me. I kept thinking to myself, "what is responsible for this one superior sound that it so superior to everything else?" After about the 8th or 9th JJB Music, Inc. track, I got out of my seat to see what was playing. That is when I figured out that it was the JJB Music, Inc. tracks that were uniformly standing out for their superior sound. And then I had the "light-bulb moment." "So THIS is what Mr. Duhart has been raving about all these years! He's right. The JJB Music, Inc. sound is incredible!"

All this happened by accident. If I had not decided to play my CDs on my computer hooked up to the good speakers, which led to the discovery of the Real Media Program, the "ripping," and finally listening to my CD collection on a random-track by random-track basis, I would never have realized that the JJB Music, Inc. sound and production quality is so superior to everything else. Hat's off to Mr. Duhart, the moving force behind this accomplishment. If you want to hear it for yourself, give your catalogue (and include a dozen or so JJB Music, Inc. tracks if you do not already have them) a random play and see for yourself. The difference is awesome. Enjoy!

Rubin CEO JJB Music Inc.

DDQ Labs and DDQ technologies s is own and operated by JJB Music Inc. TM.

Dj Godzill to release solo album March 2010 - August 3, 2009

Due to over whelming demand Dj Godzilla will release a collection of great Dj songs,

Tuttle’s so far, “John & Yoko” “You got it bad” and “Saturday at Brennans”

Dj Godzilla was asked , “Why do a full release now after years of radio, Pod casting and working exclusively for JJB Music Inc.?”

 - Well , I’ve been doing this this thing called music since the early 90’s And over the years and my travels I have noticed that there are a lot of Dj Godzilla imitators, Fakers & want to be, “ME!” the real Dj Godzilla, so I thought I would lock down and get deep in the Lab. Working day and night on a Phat bomb record to level the Dj playing surface, then jump start the whole thing from scratch! Plus this will be an exclusive JJB Music Inc. Release. We also asked if his Mentor Dj Osunlade would appear on the record and Dj Godzilla replied “in spirit yes” but then you never know!!”

JJB Music Inc. to release Tribute album for the late Dr Fred R. Duhart January 2010 - August 3, 2009

JJB Music Inc. to release Tribute album for the late Dr Fred R. Duhart June 2010

 Artist to include, Ser-Robert, Cario, Island, Capt February, Steven David Rubin, Osunlade, Nate Fitzgerald, Brendan Rowe, Jessica Herndon, Wade, & Arthur Kirsky III. “we will do our first vinyl release with double gate fold the whole nine yards” JJB executives say.

JJB Music Inc. is in search of Gulpana Mohammad “Northridge Hospital Ca.” - August 1, 2009

JJB Music Inc. is in search of Gulpana Mohammad “Northridge Hospital Ca.”
If you are her ? Seek, and you shall find….

JJB Music Backs W. Greg Guedel for City Council - June 14, 2009

Greg Guedel is pleased to announce his candidacy for a seat on the Snohomish City Council. As a lifelong Snohomish resident, Greg understands our town's unique balance of history, natural beauty, and economic opportunity, and he will work to enhance the unique quality of life we enjoy in our community. Visit the campaign website to learn more about Greg, his background and experience, and his goals for serving the people of Snohomish.

Support Greg's Campaign
You can support Greg's campaign in many different ways: by making a donation, endorsing his candidacy, hosting a house party, or volunteering for the campaign. Visit his website for more information on how you can help shape the future of our wonderful community!

Greg Guedel for Snohomish City Council
PO Box 2164
Snohomish, WA 98291

Stephen Duhart starts work on Balance your Chi Volume 3 - March 4, 2009

Stephen Duhart starts work on Balance your Chi Volume 3 S.R.D. along with chief engineer Ser- Robert started working on Duharts 4th installment from the Balance your Chi series due out this July. Ser-Robert was asked what new sounds and effects Stephen might be using? “God only Knows!” stay tuned

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