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JJB Music to release first solo album from Shonta Jones - March 4, 2009

Shonta Jones first album Wind Messages due out this March 2010.

With overwhelming request from within the USA & around the world, the first single Kick Party is being released one week earlier then expected! - February 19, 2009

With overwhelming request from within the USA & around the world, the first single Kick Party is being released one week earlier then expected! Featuring, Bass monster Rio on Bass, Hollywood on piano, Ser-Robert on guitars vocals and what nots, also with his royal funkiness Jam Man Jefferson on lead vocals, this Mega funk Jam will fly off the download world with funk and Jam. Get yours now while supplies last.

JJB Music Inc. Signs new group - February 18, 2009

JJB Music signs up and coming group 2 Jews & a Brother look for there first single “Kick Party” featuring Reggie J. due out March 1st . Free download while supplies last! don’t fret there is enough Kick Party for everybody!

Stephen R. Duhart 3rd Solo Album “Love with a proper stranger” pushed Back to early March. - January 11, 2009

Free Download Barack Obama Song by Steven David Rubin “A Time For Change” JJB Music Inc. - January 2, 2009

Free Download Barack Obama Song by Steven David Rubin “A Time For Change” JJB Music Inc.
JJB Music is proud to have been greatly inspired by our new president elect Barack Obama!
A Time for change Basic tracks where recorded at low tech Studios, Mar Vista California, then sent via E-mail to producer Stephen R. Duhart in St Louis Mo. Where Stephen and JJB Music Sound recorders/Le crib Studios chief engineer Ser-Robert put the final vote and Mix on this hot track! Download it now while supplies last for free, because this is America, the Land of the Free. And just as a small disclaimer. JJB Music Inc. dose not
Engage in politics! Only Love and music, but we have to admit you got to love this mans politics which is music to our ears and so many around the world enjoy and let freedom ring!

JJB Music Inc moves there World Headquaters - December 5, 2008

JJB Music Inc. Has moved There world Head Quarters Located in Santa Monica California from 1821 Wilshire to 1912 Broadway. Why the change you may ask?
“That Much closer to the Beach!”

Stephen R. Duhart working on new solo album - June 5, 2008

Stephen R. Duhart 3rd solo album due out in September.
Stephen Duhart & JJB Music’s chief engineer Ser-Robert are in the studio putting the final touches on
Stephens 3rd Studio album. The last time Duhart released a complete record of his own works was March 2004 “Mid Life Pisces” the new album entitled “what Manner of Man” songs all ready in the can, “The Lorraine Motel” “A patch of blue” “room 306” “Love with proper stranger” “Grandmas Hats” and the albums title “What Manner of Man.” Not including the JJB Music Balance your chi series which Duhart contends is Therapy music. Will be his 3rd solo venture in 12 years. Ser-Robert is quoted as saying, “this will be his normal Jazz feel with heavy classical over tones.” this record will also spotlight JJB Music’s newly signed artist Kay Ta Matsuno. Since we have been mixing & mastering at 5.6MHZ this will bring our listeners closer to what we are hearing in the studio, a most unbelievable Hearing experience.

Free Mohammad Ali tribute song Down Load - January 27, 2008

JJB Music Inc. was very proud to write a tribute song for Legendary Boxer, Humanitarian Mohammad Ali
For there Fifth Anniversary Celebration CD. Down load this Gem of a Tribute for Free While Supplies Last. Floating Like a Butter Fly - Stinging Like the Bee, & others can be found on the new JJB Music Inc. CD "Songs in the Key of JJB." at i-Tunes, or CD

Smooth Jazz Dena Luv 2nd Record Finally Finished! - January 21, 2008

Dena Luv’s long awaited 2nd album finally finished! Thelma Wind JJB Music Inc.
Dena Luv has finally finished its long awaited 2nd album “We R Dena Luv”
For you dedicated fans “The Record has been mixed and mastered utilizing DDQ technologies 5.6 MHZ sound processing” Ser-Robert JJB Music’s house engineer is quoted as saying. “It’s got that smooth Jazz Funk for those true blue hard core Dena Luv Fans and also with a little twist!” Dena Luv has changed Lead Saxophone players from Tim Anderson to the Vibrant Jamie King and also added Guitar Virtuosos Kay Ta Matsuno! Stayed tuned to for a free down load of there new single “Spice of Life” Ser- Robert also says… “F… That! We are going to release two free down loads at the same time!”
dig that. Well I think enough has been said, so do stay truly tuned for more. Thelma Wind JJB Music Inc.

Mon Du Woo coming to a down load near you! - November 27, 2007

Mon Du Woo has finished mixing there Debut album “The Arch Syndrome” due out early 2008.
Down load there first single “A Banana peel slip away” for free while supplies last. Go to
Click pod cast & down loads and enjoy!

Free MP3 Down Load Mud or Mongrel - JJB Music’s Tribute to Joe Zawinul - October 23, 2007

Free MP3 Down Load Mud or Mongrel - JJB Music’s Tribute to Joe Zawinul
Stephen R. Duhart of JJB Music pays Musical Tribute to the late great innovator Joe Zawinul, Who left us September 11th 2007 at the age of 75.
Go to
“Downloads” and discover the effect Joe Zawinul had on JJB Music and millions of others. Plus also read the in-depth
Interview with Stephen R. Duhart and JJB Music Chief engineer Ser-Robert.

Ser-Robert Anthology 4 Disc Set on i Tunes September 1st ! - August 20, 2007

The long awaited 4 Disc set is following Ser-Roberts recording years btween 1992 to 1994. also included is a bonus disc with unreleased gems and jams from 1992 to 2001.. this delux box set can also be seen at key word Ser Robert Anthology. look for a podcast featuring selections from this box set monster...

JJB Music now on - June 21, 2007

JJB Music in now on - an MP3 download
They've got a nice easy-to-use website that is a great no-nonsense
place to send your fans that want to buy your MP3s. No software to
install. And since they're regular MP3 files, they'll work in every
computer, and any portable player. down load yours today. go to and link up !

New Dena Luv album in the works - May 15, 2007

Dena Luv is working on there long awaited 2nd release “untitled” Har by Far Ser-Robert and new sax front man Jamie King have about 4 tracks in the can so far. “its in continuance with our first record, Somewhere beyond the twilight.” Ser-Robert says its very dreamy. We are using some new technology from Korg on this record to get a more precise sound and mix,
its way way out on the bandwidth so to speak,
Look for a fall release and world tour. As far as the new front man Jamie King on sax Ser-Robert is quoted as saying “im digging his paper bag vibe, once he’s in, he’s not coming out.” and what happened to Tim Anderson? well, JJB Music, Dena luv’s recorded label says…we had out grown each other and needed something new and fresh! less demanding as far as sound goes.. We still support Tim and wish him well on all of his endeavors. Stay tunes for more…

Dj Godzilla records 1st free remote pod cast on the east coast! - April 17, 2007

Join Dj Godzilla and his first remote pod cast on the east coast direct from Love Horn recording studios
In New Jersey. Featured in this pod Cast is musician extraordinaire Nate Fitzgerald, Nate has played saxophone with the giants of the musically world such as, Al Green, The Temptations, Diane Warwick, and the The Mighty O-Jays . Dj Godzilla will be spinning selections from Nate Fitzgerald’s latest release “Champagne Sketches” so sit back relax and sip on some bubbly as Nate Fitzgerald’s love horn takes you on a sonic cruise around the globe and deep into your soul.

Christmasp - December 5, 2006

December 2, 2006
Hi people
I do not know what to give for Christmas of the to friends, advise something ....

JJB Music Says...
Music is always the best gift, it speaks the world over!!!
Thelma Wind
A&R JJB Music inc.

Try some JJb Music on I- Tunes or

JJB Music Emusic Links - October 16, 2006

JJB Music Signs New Hip Artist "Josh Angeles" - August 19, 2006

JJb Music Inc. has signed up and coming Hip Hop Artist "Josh Angeles" JJB Music Producer Stephen R. Duhart who has just finished Timothy Anderson's "Genius Is..."
is at the Helm once again. Recording on Josh Angeles debut Album Started at LoTek Studios Last week. look Forward to a Winter Release. Thelma Wind Director of A&R JJB Music Inc.

JJB Music Hit single release - July 11, 2006

JJB Music Hit single release “Come to Sturgis “
Attention all motorcycle riders, "Live to ride, Ride to live." this is the song you have been waiting for."Come to Sturgis" is for cruising. Go from LA to Sturgis while T A's vocals take you to heaven and beyond . . .

Come to Sturgis is the hit Single from JJB Music new singing sensation T>A> Recorded producer Stephen R. Duhart & T>A> are rapping up recording T>A> Debut album “Genius is…” do out this fall. JJB Music couldn’t wait till then to let all you
Music lovers get a peace of this new vibe they have been brewing since April.
Down Load for free “Come to Sturgis” Now! While supply’s last. Stay tunes for more info

Space shuttle Discovery’s return to space exploration / Free Down Load at - July 6, 2006

JJB Music Inc. is proud to announce it’s re-release of the hit single "Risk Everything" written in tribute to the seven larger than life Astronauts who were lost during the launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia a few years back. "Risk Everything" is a wonderful song about life by chance and the quest to find true love where you must Risk Everything. JJB Music would like to wish the entire NASA family congratulations on their recent success in launching the Space Shuttle Discovery and its crew back into orbit.
Visit for this limited time free down load of “Risk Everything."

Van Hunt Kills at the House of Blues Sunset. - June 23, 2006

JJB Music’s House Engineer was over heard telling Randy Jackson that “Van Hunt should Produce Lenny Kravitz’s Next Album!” only High eye Brows was all that was seen from the Dogg pound…
Van Hunt is the fire to Die for.. Thelma Wind

CD Baby to be Available in Ten Different Languages - June 14, 2006

English : Spanish : French : German : Italian : Portuguese : Japanese : Korean : Chinese (simplified): Chinese (traditional) : Coming soon! Please Stay tuned...

Dena Luv World Tour on hold - May 12, 2006

Dena Luv World Tour on hold till Fall 2006.

New Artist T>A> Recording at JJB Music Studios / Studio T.i.P. - May 12, 2006

JJB Music Inc. and producer Stephen R. Duhart are working feverishly with new singer sensation T>A> Album due out this coming Fall 2006. Chief Engineer Ser-Robert is Quoted as saying, “I Haven’t Heard
That kind of sound ever.” That’s saying something. Stayed tunes to JJB Music News for more details,

Duhart did say at Press time their would be a free T>A> download around the 1st of June!

JJB Music Inc. New Pod Cast Special Edition # 7 Salsa, Cuban & Jazz Music - May 6, 2006

JJB Music Inc. is honored to have Percussionist Great Willie McNeil Back for another special edition Pod Cast and in studio Interview. Listen along Musically as JJB Music’s Dj Godzilla Spins some of the most intriguing Salsa, Cuban and Jazz Music along with Willie McNeil at the controls. For this Special Edition “Big Willie” brought in some rare Gems and recordings featuring some of the Greatest Musicians on the Planet! Including but not limited to, the late great Joe Strummer “The Clash,” Poncho Sanchez, Ernest Ranglin, Plaz Johnson, Freddy Crespo, Rod Young, Lazaro Galarrage, Ramon Banda and of coarse Big Willie McNeil Himself on Drums & Percussion. Sit back and chill While Dj Godzilla & Big Willie sip on their Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea and let the music do all the talking
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